Welcome Lady.


I'm Ola,

A business coach for entrepreneurial women and creatives who are tired of playing safe in their business and lives.

I show entrepreneurs how to be more purposeful and profitable in their business so I partner with them to provide clarity, explore their "Why", and help create a tailored business plan that brings them more money in their business and more free time in their life.

 As a business clarity coach, I've been a counselor, mentor, a soundboard, organizer, planner,and much more . After a lot of doubting, running, and experimenting of my own, I found that I have a fulfilling gift of helping others find their calling through their gifts. 

 I followed my dream and began walking into my purpose (in spite of my fear). I recorded my processes and research, invested in myself, and began building a program that helped myself and others remain relevant in our industries. 

 As I traveled the world, I met women from all walks of life that were suffering from a similar issue: The "Where Do I Start?" (WDIS) Syndrome that often hits us when we are taken out of our comfort zone. As a military spouse, I found myself questioning my career path and my ability to start a business in foreign lands.  After finding out what works and what doesn't, I knew that others who felt lost, unfulfilled, scared, and clueless on where to begin in their career or entrepreneurial journey, could absolutely benefit from the same tools. 

Insert... A Filled Life.

A Filled Life is your resource to connecting you to your potential, passion, and gifts; cultivating it, and challenging you to push forward in your personal and professional growth. The road is not always easy and this process involves getting REAL with yourself, but it is more than rewarding you when you see the light at the end of that tunnel. I believe that as women, it is our mission to help others get out of their own way so that they too, can have a filled life. 

A Little Bit About Me

I’m a Midwestern girl with Southern roots. I am a global jetsetter, having lived on 3 continents and visited over 15 countries (and currently planning my next trip!). I am a planner and sometimes it can be just as much of a curse as it is a gift. My motto is "write it down and make it plain" (Habakkuk 2:2-3). Without direction, we can find ourselves in a cycle that leads us nowhere. I am a proponent for women to operating in their zone of genius. I have watched and researched some amazing women create great businesses because they stay in their lane and work to become their best. I started my first business as a young teen and rekindled that fire in 2010 as a cosmetologist and makeup artist. I have also worked with industry professionals who have taught me the reality of knowledge application and going all in. I learned early on that without a mission and a clearly defined "Why", most businesses fail or do not live up to their full potential.

My professional expertise is in the realm of career management, human resources, and organizational leadership. I have helped corporations and entrepreneurs  choose valuable employees, increase their effectiveness and cashflow in their industry, and project their scope of expertise. I have successfully helped multiple organizations in the private and non-profit sector, increase their profits and potential by producing processes and implementing workforce strategies that lead to successfully attained objectives. 

I have experience and education in:

Business Administration

Organizational Leadership

Human Resource Management

Project Management

I love planners, journals, stationary, and pens (hello school supply shopping)!

I've been in your shoes...

Like you, I was a multi-passionate, life-long learner. I had big dreams and I was ready to stop playing safe. You know your weaknesses but you struggle to capitalize on your strengths. Me too. Even now. You are always on the hunt for the latest bookshare, podcast, and courses. You see your peers and online mentors make their dreams happen and you want a piece of the pie too. You aspire to work on your terms and live a life that brings you fulfillment and freedom which is why you have decided to create your own project to phase out from building someone else's dream.

However, sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. You struggle to figure out what you want out of life and as a result, you change your mind often, you don't have clear boundaries for your business or life, and you are not confident in your "Why". You let fear and your inner critic discourage you and attack your inspiration. You find it hard to focus on starting one idea and implementing it to its greatest potential. 

In addition to that, you are finding it hard to translate what you want to do into a business and implementation plan. As you turn those wheel trying to prioritize and overcome that imposter syndrome, your inner critic or that dream stealer i your circle continues to creep in and tell you excuses of how it's not going to work.

You second guess if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and to turn your ideas into a profitable business. As you simmer on this idea. you begin to second guess if it's even worth trying.

I believe you have all of the tools you need in order to be a success.

And I know that you can have a more profitable business if you are willing to do so with purpose and clarity.


The most gratifying project you'll ever work on is yourself... and now is the time to make a decision and stick to it. Will you continue to dream and come up with some of the greatest ideas OR are you ready to give up the excuses, try a new approach, and build a thriving and purposeful business?

The Choice Will Always Be Yours.

If you are ready to move from the mundane limited mindset and operate in your greatness, now is the time to start. It means that you can't NOT work in your zone of genius. It means that giving up is not an option.

Let's work towards getting you to a point of fulfillment in your business. Let's create a purposeful strategy that will help you to work smarter and not harder. I'm excited to work with you to develop your personalized strategy for your purposeful business.